I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and was unable to bring it down. Then I had an appointment with Carolyn. My blood pressure went from 152/75 to 137/72 the next day.

When I left her office for the first time, my head felt clear, I felt like my old self with energy. And best of all, my left eye was no longer blurry.

Glad to be alive.

Sarasota, FL

Since 1993 we have had regular weekly or bi-weekly massages from a variety of massage therapists in Florida, Virginia, and London, and have had massages at many luxury hotels and premier spas around the world. We can say without qualification that Carolyn Skiver is the best, most intuitive, and most knowledgeable massage therapist that we have ever had the pleasure of seeing. She has helped both of us recover from sports injuries and chronic conditions. She is terrific, and if you give her a try we believe you will surely agree.

Stephen and Polly Greene
Lakewood Ranch, FL

Thank you for your genuine care and comfort.  Your expertise, wonderful hands, and thoughtfulness made the facial experience a wonderful treat.  All the best.

Sarasota, FL

My first experience was the day I couldn’t stand up my back hurt so much. Carolyn was recommended.  She not only got me moving agian; I even played tennis the next day!  In all the years since, I have not had better massages by anyone, and that includes travels to the finest spas in the world over.  She provides specific, therapeutic, individualized attention and I leave the table throughly rejuvenated.  My wife and I both continue to benefit from our experience with Carolyn.  She is highly professional, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with.

Two Loyal Customers

I have been seeing Carolyn as my massage therapist for 7 yrs.  My  diagnose was TMJ 10 yrs ago.  The Dr. wanted to do surgery by breaking my jaw to fix the TMJ.  I had Carolyn work on my neck and jaw with the techniques that she does for this kind of problem.  That was 4 yrs ago and since then I no longer have jaw pain and my TMJ doesn’t lock up anymore. I have not had any symptoms since. I refer everyone to her as my therapist.  Thanks to Carolyn I am pain free.

Life is Fantasic

Julia B.